Government to borrow up to €200bn to boost economy

ANCHORAGE, England – The government will announce the next stage of its austerity measures in the coming days and will also introduce a new “austerity levy”, which is meant to stimulate the economy by forcing banks to lend to businesses.

It is expected to be announced on Thursday, but the government has made it clear it will announce an austerity levy as well.

The government has been under pressure to announce a levy because of fears it could lead to a repeat of the crisis that gripped the country after the 2008 global financial crisis.

The Reserve Bank has forecast that the country will have to borrow €2.6 trillion over the next two years to pay down its debts, which are €2 trillion higher than at the start of the financial crisis, and €4.5 trillion more than at its peak in 2014.

The RBA has warned that the economic outlook is likely to deteriorate further.

The Reserve Banks has warned it is unlikely that any of the measures introduced in the last year would be enough to restore full employment in a short time.

“We expect the economy to be weakened by this measure,” it said.

The latest measures are part of the government’s drive to tackle the economic crisis, which has seen unemployment rise to 10.4 per cent and inflation soar to over 26 per cent.

The European Central Bank has said that a further rise in inflation is likely, and has warned of a “severely damaging” economic slowdown in Europe in the year ahead.

A new poll by the University of Warwick said the economic contraction has reached a tipping point, with 62 per cent of respondents expecting a return to recession within a year.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that 58 per cent were now expecting a downturn in the economy in the next 12 months.

The University of Glasgow said that while the economic downturn has hit some sectors hard, the recession was much wider than expected.

“It is now clear that the recession has reached such a level that it is affecting more than just the sector hardest hit by the crisis,” said Dr Brian Burston.

“The most severe hit to households and businesses, including the biggest impact on those with the lowest incomes, is being borne by those on the lower end of the income scale.”

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