How to apply for your Eidl loan with help from the US embassy

The US embassy in Ankara is offering help with the Eidl Loans application process and has created an online portal for Eidl borrowers in the US.

“We are currently working with the US Embassy in Ankara to assist with the processing of Eidl loans and are actively working with banks and lenders to facilitate the issuance of Eidls,” the embassy said in a statement.

“For more information on how to apply or request assistance, please visit our Eidl Loan Application page,” the statement said.

The Eidl, or debt forgiveness, loan is a repayment program that is typically given to people who have been living in Turkey for more than a year.

The US embassy said it is offering the Eidls loan to people in the United States who have a US$10,000 debt, and that they may apply through the embassy website.

Eidl is a debt forgiveness program that allows borrowers to repay debts they have incurred while in Turkey.

The program was created by the Turkish government in 2007, but has been criticized by rights groups, and Turkey has been hit with an influx of migrants who are seeking to return to the country after fleeing the war in Syria.

Turkey has been experiencing an influx in refugees and migrants as well as attacks on the country’s Kurdish minority.

The embassy said that Eidl applications will not be processed without a visa.

The application process is currently being handled by the consulate in Istanbul.

The Turkish government has said that it will offer the Eidla program in a limited way to help refugees, especially those with small children, who have had trouble accessing housing, food and other basic necessities in the country.

Turkey’s foreign minister said in January that Turkey will offer Eidls to refugees who have left the country to escape the war, adding that Turkey would accept more refugees from other countries.

Turkey says it will accept the Eidlas to Turkey, but the US has refused to allow Turkish citizens to travel there as part of the resettlement program.