How to buy your first car in China

A new way to buy a car in Beijing is to go online and buy it from an authorised dealer, or “eidl” loan, which allows borrowers to borrow cash to buy the car from a bank or lender.

The government says that the “eIdl” system allows anyone with a credit card to buy and sell a car.

However, some car-buying experts have expressed concern about the accuracy of the system, and some consumers are still unsure about whether the car is legitimate.

We’ve found that the eIdl system is not as accurate as other lenders, such as the Chinese National Bank (CNB), and we recommend that people don’t use it as a loan option in China.

The official Xinhua news agency said that in January, the CNB’s loan services department launched an online eIdel system to help people find loans for their cars.

In a statement, it said that the system allowed people to buy cars and sell them without any financial penalty, and “all the details are kept confidential.”

But the company behind the system also told Reuters that the Chinese government had been working to change its system to make it easier for people to use the eIDL system.

The Chinese government is considering ways to change the way it issues and distributes loans, and said that it will consider a number of ways to do this, including making it easier to use a credit line for purchases, according to Reuters.

While many Chinese car buyers are using the online eIDl system to borrow to buy new cars, many people have expressed frustration about the lack of transparency and the lack a clear definition of what is and is not legal.

The new eIdle system, announced in February, is being used by thousands of new car buyers to find loans, according for Reuters.

However it has raised concerns about the validity of the program, and that it could be susceptible to fraud.

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