The U.S. is on track to spend $1 trillion on military construction in the next decade, a new report says.

Posted November 30, 2018 09:53:01 The U, a developing country, is on course to spend more on military and security construction than the United States did during the height of the Cold War, according to a new study.

The Pentagon announced Thursday that it expects to spend at least $1.2 trillion on construction and modernization projects for the 2020 fiscal year, a figure that would be nearly double the $826 billion the U.N. estimated was necessary for the country to meet its security needs during the early years of the nuclear arms race.

The U., along with other countries that fought the Cold Warrior, will also be making significant investments in research and development to ensure its survival during the next few decades.

But the Pentagon is also facing serious concerns about its finances and its ability to meet future security demands.

“This is a very large number,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former top U. S. defense official who heads the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington.

“We don’t know the extent of that.

But it’s a very big number.

And if you can’t handle the money you’re going to have a difficult time with the next wars.”

The United States has a huge military budget, with a total of $1,966 billion, and its defense budget has nearly doubled over the past decade.

The total outlays for all its armed forces and domestic departments have jumped by more than $500 billion since 2010.

“You can’t just build a new missile,” said William McGurk, director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.

“The problem with a lot of these military expenditures is they’re spending money that they don’t have.

They’re spending it because they don,t have a way to pay it back.”

The military budget was originally estimated at $1 million per person per year for the next three years.

But McGurks estimates that over the next 10 years, it will grow to $4 trillion.

The military has had trouble balancing its budget, which is set to balloon by $1 to $3 trillion, because it has spent so much money on weapons.

And while it is in need of funding, the military is also spending too much money.

The report found that, between 2015 and 2020, the U was projected to spend just over $1 billion on defense spending.

That is the same as spending on all other U. s military departments combined.

In fact, the Pentagon expects to have $1 of every $5 spent on defense this year.

That would be more than the spending on the entire U. N. population combined.

That means that the U is on pace to spend over $2 trillion by 2031, nearly double what it spent during the Cold war.

While the Pentagon has been trying to balance its budget for several years, some experts have questioned whether it can do so.

“If we’re not careful, we could end up with a huge budget deficit,” said Michael Krieger, the director of defense studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“And that would cause a lot more pain for the American people.”

Some of the spending will go to projects that are expected to help keep the military solvent and improve readiness.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security is set the target of spending $1 for every $10 in the Pentagon budget for the development of cyber defenses.

That’s a significant increase over what the Pentagon actually spent during its Cold War era, when it spent $1 a dollar for every dollar of its defense.

But that would come with the cost of a lot less money to defend the country from cyberattacks.

“It’s a great challenge, but it’s going to be a tough one,” said Kriegers.

“When we think about how big a burden to the economy and to the people of the country that we’re going have to make this transition, we’re never going to make it on our own.”

The U will also have to work harder to build alliances.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, a group that advises the U, says it needs $100 billion to expand its activities, including the development and acquisition of new technologies.

And the Pentagon wants to make sure that its security forces are better equipped to fight other countries.

“I’m not sure we can continue to spend so much on defense and still have our people and our infrastructure in the country,” said Lt.

Gen. Mark Welsh, a Pentagon spokesman.

The spending is a challenge for the military.

“One of the things we have to do is look at the military’s needs and what the priorities are,” said McGurker.

“How do we meet those needs in a way that is consistent with our security interests?”

The Pentagon will be making some major changes to its operations in the coming years.

It will need to close its bases, lay off thousands of troops and consolidate operations

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