When do payday loans start to look like a big problem?

The issue of payday lending, also known as “lending”, is on the rise in Australia.

Lending is a type of consumer lending that involves taking out a loan and then getting the money back later.

It can be a good option for those with low or no income.

But a recent survey of Australian consumers has found that payday loans are becoming a major problem for some Australians.

A survey by The Australian Financial Review found that nearly one in five Australian households have a payday loan.

And the problem has only just started to get worse.

“In the past year we’ve seen some big changes in the way we do payday lending.

In the last three months alone, the average payday loan debt was $2,000.

This represents a $3.3 billion increase over the last 12 months, according to the Australian Bankers Association,” the Australian Financial Services Council (AFSC) said in a statement.

The problem of payday loans is being driven by a growing number of consumers, and the lack of a uniform policy across the states.

Currently, lenders across the country have a wide range of loan terms and interest rates depending on the type of loan, and some lenders offer a variety of different terms and offers.

However, the Australian Consumer Law states that payday lending must be regulated and regulated effectively.

Under the Act, it is illegal for payday lenders to offer “discounts, incentives or guarantees” for people to pay their debts in advance of their repayments.

These types of loans are regulated under the Fair Trading Act.

As a result, it’s a breach of the Act if a payday lender charges someone a higher rate than they would be entitled to.

While payday loans have become a hot topic in recent months, it was not always that way.

Back in 2015, a report by the Federal Government found that there was no “specific legislation” to deal with the issue.

Instead, the Government introduced a bill to Parliament that required lenders to ensure that people were able to get a loan at a fair rate.

After a number of months of negotiation, the government was able to agree on a new consumer law, which was introduced in March 2017.

Its a key piece of legislation that requires lenders to make their payday loans “equivalent” to a standard loan.

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