Which states have the toughest payday loans?

As of this week, lenders are required to make borrowers repay as much as 30% of the interest they earn on the loan, regardless of whether the borrower is in default.

While the rules have been in place since at least 2014, the new rules have led to an increased number of borrowers in default, with some of those borrowers struggling to repay even their first month of loans.

The average payday loan debt in 2018 was $4,818, according to data from Experian.

That’s up from an average debt of $3,869 for all of 2017.

The amount of borrowers who are still in default is expected to reach $7 billion by 2021.

Some states, including Georgia, Indiana, Florida, and Texas, have also raised the minimum amount borrowers must repay from 30% to 50%.

The most common type of payday loan is a payday loan made by a payday lender that provides cash, credit cards, or prepaid cards to people who owe money.

Payday loans are a growing part of the U.S. economy, but they are still relatively rare.

Some borrowers, like people who are out of work and don’t have access to bank accounts, often take advantage of the loans to repay their debts, often to a greater degree than they would if they could pay it off on their own.

But even for borrowers who have access, the fees and interest are high.

According to data released by Experian, the average amount borrowers had to pay on payday loans in 2018 ranged from $1,639 in Texas to $3.65 in Georgia.

That said, a recent survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found that about a quarter of borrowers have never repaid their debt on a payday.

The majority of borrowers are able to avoid paying their loans by using other sources of income, such as savings, retirement accounts, or working.

But a growing number of consumers are facing higher costs.

In 2018, a survey from Paycheck.com found that more than half of borrowers had taken out payday loans, with one in three of them paying $1 million or more on a single payday.

And many payday lenders have been forced to raise the rates that they charge to borrowers, with many of them now charging more than $100 for a single loan.

According the survey, more than 70% of borrowers that were in default last year did not have a payment plan to make, according the report.

The survey also found that many of those that had not paid off their loans were forced to go into collections, where they had to give up their home or their car to pay the debt.

“If you’re trying to get out of debt, there are many other ways to do it, but it’s a lot more costly and more complicated to get a payday, if you don’t even have a plan in place to pay off your debts,” said Emily Leung, a financial services analyst at Paycheck, who was interviewed by Axios.

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