Why is there a $300,000 mortgage on my home?

Landon Rodgers’ $300 million rocket loan from the NFL is still being processed, but he doesn’t know what’s next for the Green Bay Packers star quarterback.

Rodgers has received $300.3 million in his Rocket Loans loan since the NFL launched its Rocket Loans program in September 2018.

The Rocket Loans Program is designed to help low-income borrowers with a $30,000 down payment, and $150,000 in monthly interest payments.

The payments are made through Rocket Loans for low- and moderate-income families.

Rodger’s Rocket loans are still pending, but the loan is not on hold, according to a spokesperson for the Federal Home Loan Bank of the United States.

Roders has taken out the Rocket Loans in the past.

In March 2018, he took out a $250,000 loan for a $400,000 house.

He loaned the house to a friend and it sat empty for more than a year before it was sold for a profit.

The next year, Rodgers loaned $150 million to his ex-wife, and the money is still paying off.

Rod, now married to Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, was in the process of moving into his new home when he received a Rocket Loans offer.

Rodgers told the Chicago Tribune last month that he’s not worried about his loan, because he’s been working hard and saving for it.

Rod is currently in the final stages of completing his Rocket loans.

If everything goes according to plan, the mortgage will be paid off in six months.